Difference between APRS format and most commonly used GPS format:
APRS latitude: ddmm.mmN / ddmm.mmS (3521.64N / 1029.35S)
GPS latitude:   dd.dddd / -dd.dddd (35.3607 / -10.4891)
APRS longitude: dddmm.mmE /  dddmm.mmW (13843.65E / 13839.06W)
GPS longitude:   ddd.dddd-ddd.dddd (138.7275 / -138.6510)
Coordinate conversion:
The coordinates can be copied from the map, which will open in a separate window.
They can also be entered manually, separated by a space (lat lon).

APRS latitude:  
APRS longitude: 
Using the map:
  • when loading or refreshing, it tries to detect the location and center the map (geolocation for the page must be enabled)
  • the map layer can be switched to another layer via the top right button
  • The OSM (OpenStreetMap) layer allows the greatest zoom, so it is best suited for finding more precise coordinates
  • we place the point from which we want to find the coordinates by moving the map in the central cross
  • by clicking the right mouse button (long hold on the phone) anywhere on the map, the coordinates of the center of the map will be displayed
  • we copy the coordinates and paste them into the form on this page
  • in the upper left, below the ➕➖ buttons, there are the distance measurement tool buttons
73, Juraj/OM1AMJ